Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Little laughs lately

We had to celebrate Levi again last night with even more (leftover) turtle cake. It would be a shame to not celebrate him on his actual birthday, right? Levi was of course very excited for more cake. And he seemed to have grasped the birthday party concept because he kept saying, "People coming. Turtle cake." I hated to crush his little dreams by telling him that no people were coming. But thankfully blowing out the birthday candle seemed like a sufficient consolation for our birthday boy:)

Last night as I was giving the girls their bedtime kisses and tucking them in one more time (because their daddy had already tucked them in for real) I mentioned to Charlotte that we need to make a few changes to our homeschooling. {Long story short: we've been cramming it ALL into the afternoons and it's left us both frustrated.} We talked about the new plan which included independent work time in the morning and setting goals:) At this point Hannah decided to join our conversation by informing us she has goals too! "Baby dolls. Paper airplanes. Barbie dolls." Those are her goals. Oh to be four! What fun goals. 

This morning (despite actually going to bed at a decent time) I was running late getting Isaiah to the bus stop. So late in fact that I skipped our neighborhood bus stop and drove directly to the next stop in the next neighborhood. And we were still late! Pulling up as kids were already loading onto the bus! Isaiah was quick to inform me, "Don't worry mom I can run fast!"  Bless his little heart. He's been running to catch buses and into school to beat the bell for years...all because his mom can't get her act together. But he's never once complained. And I love him for it! {I don't know what we are planning on doing next year for school for the kids but if it involves a non-homeschooling option for all of them I'm in trouble! The meme that says, "I'm not a morning bird. I'm not a night owl. I'm some sort of perpetually exhausted pigeon!" is ME!} 

The other day my dad brought in the mail and informed Charlotte that there was a letter for her. And then right before he handed it over he noticed that it was addressed to Charlotte Rose. There is no Charlotte Rose in this house. We have a Charlotte Esme. Hannah Rose is her little sister. So close. But not quite right. It made me chuckle a little. Then when I saw WHO the letter was from it made me laugh out loud because it came from a program Joe had registered Charlotte for...as Charlotte Rose! Ha. Better luck next time Joe:)

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