Monday, January 23, 2017

Life with THIS toddler

The other day Joe came home from work and discovered our toilet paper roll haphazardly re-rolled next to our toilet in the master bathroom. He turned to me and asked how that happened. I just stood there and stared at him...I had no words. It was as if he hasn't been living in the same mad house run by tiny people as I have for the last decade. Because toddlers are a special kind of crazy and they will destroy your house faster than you can clean it up.  I did eventually kindly answer Joe with a simple "Levi". 

Levi the one that rules the roost at the moment with his endless adorable commands for all of his family members. "No do that" (in reference to diaper changes). "Mommy walk here." "No Hannah Wose!" "Cer-weal. Snack. Cer-weal!" "Put boots on!" "Sit down." "This one. This book!" "Magnatiles. Build house. Two houses. Magnatiles!"  And we are all wrapped around  his little finger and almost always follow his commands. This kid has got it made as the baby of the family. I mean if I really think about it his demands for two blankets, three doggy stuffed animals, two pillow pets, his light up musical monkey, dog lovey, AND ice water for nap and bedtime might be just a tad out of hand. Oh and the fact that he makes me carry each of these items out of his crib with him when he wakes up (and I do it!) is completely ridiculous.

And the whole situation is made even more ridiculous by this matrix-like maze Isaiah set up in the boys' room. Army crawling is my only option to the crib. So yup, I'm pretty sure unrolled and re-rolled toilet paper is the least of my concerns. 

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