Friday, August 26, 2016


Tonight I went to the grocery store at midnight without kids. That last part is obvious, right? But just to make it crystal clear I added it in. I was ALONE at the grocery store. And you want to know what is nice about shopping kidless? Besides the obvious...the ability to focus and shop quickly and efficiently without listening to screaming and interceding as WWIII rages in/around your shopping cart. Yes those things are nice. But the best part was how the grocery store employees talked to me. They called me "Miss" and "Sweetie" instead of the usual "Ma'am" and "Lady". 

Sweetie. That's me:) It felt so unencumbered and young. 

(Me. All dressed up for a murder mystery dinner last weekend. That's NOT what I looked like at the grocery store at midnight.)

Then again the fact that I was nearly giddy over the 5 pound bag of frozen peas I found on sale for $2.94 probably indicates that I'm a ma'am. No longer a miss. Hey if the shoe fits, wear it!

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