Saturday, August 13, 2016

A backyard party

Darn it. He was right. Again.

Just last night after I finished a lengthy monologue complaining about this (residency) life Joe said to me "You are going to miss it. You are going to look back on these times and think about how wonderful it was." To which I quickly and confidently responded "No. Never. I won't miss THIS."

And then today happened. Today was the day of Hannah's postponed backyard birthday party. And as I stood in my kitchen chopping fruits and veggies like a crazed woman I received a group text from another resident wife asking if she could bring anything. My natural instinct was to say "NO". Instead I said "YES! Juice boxes." And when the party started people came pouring in with food and drinks! They brought juice boxes. And chips. And cookies. And homemade pretzels. And soda. And freezies. And rice krispy treats. And a whole lotta kids too! There were 27 children to be exact!

The kids played with water balloons and the sprinkler. They shared one small kiddie pool and slide quite nicely. There was a piƱata and a homemade cake. It was the best kind of backyard chaos! It was simple. And easy. It was pretty close to perfect. 

And then when it was done one resident's wife stayed and asked what she could do to help me. I said she could put my kids to bed. And she did. SHE PUT MY KIDS TO BED!! Brushed teeth. Pajamas. Bedtime stories. The whole works! So we could clean up. (Because let's be honest 27 children can really trash a house and yard.) It was amazing. Again simple but perfect. 

So yes...maybe...just maybe I will in fact miss this. 

P.S. Apparently I don't have friends over enough because my girls were quite confused as to WHY my friend was staying after the party. While in the bathroom they kept asking each other why she was still here after the party ended - which my friend overheard - the only explanation they could come up was to help me clean up! Ha. 

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