Sunday, August 7, 2016


It doesn't seem possible but today our Hannah turned four! We were supposed to be celebrating this crazy kid with friends in our backyard - with water balloons & a sprinkler - but the non-functioning a/c unit made me question the wisdom of having dozens of children + parents over and we (wisely?) postponed the party to next weekend. 

The birthday girl has taken to this change of plans surprisingly well considering she has been planning and dreaming about her party for months (and counting down for weeks)! I think the chocolate "muffins" for breakfast and dozens of presents given to her by her siblings helped ease the blow of the "no party today" news. 

Levi on the other hand was devastated. 

Not really:) He just really disliked the party hats. Which is ironic since he normally LOVES wearing hats. 

Quit raining on my parade kid!

Much better!

I so enjoyed watching Charlotte and Isaiah lavish our birthday girl with attention and gifts this morning. My kids typically don't give each other gifts so I was surprised when all they wanted to do for a few days before her birthday was plan, create, organize and wrap gifts for their little sister. Then again I don't typically give them free reign with an entire roll of wrapping paper, tape, ribbons and scissors. So maybe it was just the novelty of it all? Either way - Hannah felt loved and celebrated. Which is good because the only plan we have for the rest of the day is waiting for the a/c repair man...again. :/  Because Joe is working so someone has to be here to let them in! 

Squished between the two doors. Why? I have no idea! It's just where Hannah wanted her picture taken as she practiced showing me her new age. Which perfectly sums up Hannah - she's a wild card. You just never know what she is going to do or say next! Or as one of her great grandpas says "she's a spit fire!"  I couldn't agree more. Never a dull moment with this one around. Speaking of being around, this birthday marks four years of me staying at home with my kids. 

Just because this made me chuckle - a little Hannah story...she still wears diapers at night which are mostly wet in the morning. But she often takes them off by herself therefore I often don't know if it was wet or dry. So I ask. One morning recently I inquired about her bedtime diaper. 

Her response: "It was just a little wet. A teeny tiny bit wet. Like the size of Texas."
Me: "Huh?"
Her: "Like Texas when you see it on the entire world map. Teeny tiny Texas wet."

Sorry Texans your state isn't so big after all. It's teeny tiny. My four year old told me. It must be true. ;-)

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