Thursday, March 10, 2016

Drop off disaster (part 2)

Well I've done it again. Made a complete spectacle of myself at school drop off. But this time I didn't even realize how foolish I looked until after the fact.

It was an ordinary Tuesday morning around here. Which means of course I was running late. I hurriedly got everyone buckled into the van and we were off! I went to Charlotte's school first as it is only a few blocks away. As I was pulling through the drop off lane I noticed the crossing guard giving me a funny look but honestly I didn't think much of it. I was too distracted calculating whether or not I would make it across town to Isaiah's school before the first bell. After a quick hug and a kiss, Charlotte hopped out of the van and we were off to school drop off #2. 

About a mile down the road I saw a flash of white fly past my passenger window and that's when I remembered...the night before in my haste to unload everyone quickly from the van and get inside to start dinner, I placed a dirty diaper on top of my van on the passenger side! And I forgot to take it off. Meaning I dropped Charlotte off at school with a dirty diaper ON TOP OF MY VAN. That flash of white? The diaper becoming litter on a major road in town. 

Gosh. I'm good at making a fool of myself without even trying. And littering. (I feel bad about that one. I went back later and could not find the diaper.). 

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