Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter 2016

My mom requested an Easter picture. We were already on our way to church and running a little late so I sent her this...

A very accurate depiction of our Easter morning:) And by "a little late" I mean LATE. So late the kids weren't able to sing on stage with the kids' choir. Oops! But it worked out just fine. Because Charlotte (despite being on an antibiotic) still isn't feeling the best and Isaiah does not enjoy going on stage and Hannah didn't seem to mind watching her friends sing. But they sure would have looked cute up on stage. Just look at them...

Joe's grandparents are "Winter Texans" and only an hour away from us so after church and a quick (less than stellar) ham and mashed potatoes lunch we went to spend the afternoon with them. Because every holiday is better with family! The kids loved exploring their RV.

And the pool was a big hit too! 

The pool pictures crack me up. Because clearly we've crossed the (invisible) line from "young parents" to "old parents". Or maybe it's just that we are firmly in the "large family" category. Either way I laugh because Levi is happy floating around with his siblings...not secure in my arms as would have been the case with baby #1. Oh how things change with more babies! (We were supervising him. Don't worry. The pool was tiny and we were just an arms length away.)

Who doesn't love an Easter swim?

The clouds at sunset on our drive home were beautiful! A pretty good ending to a pretty good day. Now back to studying. Only two more days until the PANRE. 

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