Saturday, March 12, 2016

A Perfect Saturday.

I love it when at the end of the day I can't stop smiling because it has been a perfect day. (I'll be the first to admit that since moving to Texas I haven't had enough of these days.) But this past Saturday was one of those days. It wasn't completely perfect but pretty darn close! Some of the day's shortcomings include: not showering, children that needed to pee at the park WITHOUT a bathroom thus requiring us to use the potty chair in the van, and Joe being scheduled to work a 12 hour shift.

But all of the good definitely outweighed the bad! It started with Levi taking a morning nap (which is a rarity!) so I got extra one-on-one time with each big kid! Then once the baby woke we headed out for a day of adventures. We stopped at a friend's garage sale where I got a few new-to-me tops. Then we went to a local (free!) event where the kids spent the majority of the time in bounce houses. I enjoyed the 75 degree weather and listened to the music while my children played for FOUR HOURS. After which we headed to a playground where we picnicked and played for a couple more hours before finally returning home. We were pleasantly surprised to find Joe home early! So while I cooked dinner (and secretly moved the clocks ahead an hour to ensure an early bedtime for daylight savings) Joe took the big kids out to bike. And Charlotte learned to ride without training wheels!!! 

Oh and I totally beat Isaiah in a gladiator battle.  He never stood a chance...

All in all a pretty good start to our spring break week!

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