Friday, June 5, 2015

The day of the M.D.

Today this guy became a doctor. 
Yesterday he was a medical student. An M4. 
Today he is a medical doctor.

I am ridiculously proud of you Joseph. 
Your work ethic and determination cease to amaze me.
Because of you our kids will know that dreams can come true.
With a lot of work and perseverance. 

You dreamed it 7 years ago. And today it came true.
Those two little letters were hard earned.

Solid work doctor. Now lets celebrate!


  1. Hi, I have only posted a comment once (after you were so kind to visit my blog!) but I pop in every now and then to catch up on your cute family. I just had to come out of hiding for this post to say Congratulations!!! To all of you!! My husband graduated with a PhD from the U of C 2 years ago this month and we have some friends who graduated from medical school there also. So I KNOW the amount of work and sacrifice that goes into a degree like that. Good job! I will be saying a prayer for your family as you transition through a move and all the changes with your new chapter ahead. God's grace!


    1. Thank you Heidi! And I absolutely covet your prayers...things already seem to be going wrong and we don't even have the moving truck yet!!!