Sunday, June 7, 2015

Graduation, celebration and saying goodbye. AGAIN.

Friday morning Hannah and I spent quality mother-daughter time together buying all the last minute things for Joe's graduation party. Not surprisingly I felt panicky about the food situation and bought the largest bag of carrots and Doritos I could find (in addition to all the food I had planned). Just to be safe! Somewhat surprisingly Hannah was an excellent errand running partner. Although she was slightly disappointed to discover there were no giraffes in Costco as it was not a literal zoo despite her mother describing it as such. The samples made up for the lack of safari animals. I think. I hope. 

We arrived home in time for lunch AND more importantly just in time to watch the end of the live stream of Joe's graduation ceremony! It was a bit surreal. Feeding the children ravioli while all of Joe's friends were being announced as "Dr. So & So". Unfortunately for Joe he missed most of this because Levi chose this exact moment to have THE BIGGEST blow out diaper all over himself and his newly minted doctor daddy. And then while I was nursing Levi (and therefore pretty much useless), Hannah went downstairs to her room and peed and pooped on the floor (we think on purpose!) thus ensuring Joe did not watch the end of the graduation either. 

And THAT is exactly why Joe did not want to go to graduation. We couldn't even hold it together for 30 minutes of graduation in our home! The three hour ceremony might have actually killed us. Or more likely our fellow graduation audience members would have wanted to kill us:) Such a wise man I married. 

Saturday we had yet another big party. To celebrate Joe. Because graduating medical school is worthy of a party! And a really awesome cake made by yours truly. I say another because this past week feels like it has been one continual celebration. First my birthday then the last day of preschool then Charlotte's birthday and the last day of second grade. We've eaten a lot of cake and ice cream lately. I suppose there are worse problems to have! 

Since we will be leaving in THREE DAYS and we don't know when we will be back this party also served as a goodbye party. Two birds one stone. 

We unfortunately are getting to be old pros at these goodbye parties. Four years ago we said goodbye to Wisconsin. One year ago we said goodbye to Illinois. And yesterday we said goodbye to Minnesota. There are many things in life I aspire to be good at. Farewells isn't one of those things. Unfortunately I've been forced to learn how to say goodbye, move, and set down roots in a new state.  

The party also morphed into a mini birthday party for all our kids as well. Three birds one stone. Efficiency at its best!

All in all the party was a big success. Good friends and family. Lively conversation. Good food. A pretty amazing cake if I do say so myself:) Lots of Pokemon cards for a certain almost 8 year old boy. Even the weather cooperated. The forecasted rain clouds stayed away until the very end. 

It's hard to believe that in another three years we will (most likely) be doing this all again. The celebrating and saying goodbye when residency ends.

Gosh. I love this man. I'd follow him just about anywhere. But I suppose our history has already proven that point. 


  1. So very happy for you both! I'm sure both of you have worked hard and made lots of sacrifices along the way. Well done and happy moving-if that is possible!

    1. Thank you! Yep. Just a few sacrifices along the way:)

      I'm pretty sure there is no such thing as a fun move but it sure sounds like a nice dream!!!