Monday, June 22, 2015

(not) Christmas in June

For months well meaning friends and family members have been telling us that moving into our new house would feel like "Christmas in June!"  And naively I believed them. By golly 90% of my belongings had been in storage for a year. Clearly it would be wonderful to finally unpack them. To be surrounded by my stuff once again. 

But truth be told, it wasn't wonderful. It wasn't even good. Sure I had missed a few things. Like my clothes drying rack, my full length mirror and my recipes. But mostly unpacking our belongings was a big fat disappointment. It would have been like Christmas IF Christmas involved opening up package after package of old worn out household items. Rusty, dinged up pots and pans. Mismatched dishes. Stained, musty dish towels. It felt more like rummaging through a secondhand store than Christmas morning. 

The whole experience made me wish I could go back and tell my 19 year old bride-to-be self to REGISTER FOR QUALITY STUFF...because it's going to have to last you at least a dozen years! But alas my mom did tell me that when I was creating my registry. But I was young and dumb. And I wanted pretty things. I couldn't fathom cooking with the same pots and pans and spoons and spatulas for an entire decade!!! Quality wasn't on my radar.

Well jokes on me. Because those things aren't so pretty anymore. Thankfully they are mostly functional though. 

Speaking of unpacking and jokes...sweaters! Those things look like a joke down here. I can not even fathom the day I would want to pull on a sweater. Actually at this point I can't even imagine wanting to put on a t-shirt or SOCKS! Even socks look hot when it is 90 degrees and 100% humidity every day. Ok. I exaggerate. It's only 80% humidity. But we are told it's going to get hotter. Eek. So I just went ahead and re-packed those socks and put them in the deep, dark recesses of our master closet. Maybe one day I'll want to wear them again. Maybe. But until that day I'm happy to wear my daily uniform of tank top, shorts and sandals. 

Some days I just wear my swimsuit. 

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