Monday, April 6, 2015

Their Easter Best

Bow ties and elbow patches! Ruffles and tulle too! 
I know its not the real meaning of Easter. 
But it sure is sweet. 


Not Pictured: The fact that my children were running on chocolate chip pancakes (thanks church!) and candy (thanks grandmas!) ALL DAY LONG! Seriously I am not sure how they managed to function properly. They ate nothing of any real nutritional value (despite our attempts to feed them real food). And how were they not more hungry?!

Hannah's hand first dive into the toilet in her Easter dress. It was equal parts disgusting and hilarious! I was laughing too hard to snap a picture..or even think to take a picture! This of course led to an impromptu bath time and wardrobe change...and then she was good to more candy!

And lastly, I accidentally dressed Levi in newborn basically it looked like he was wearing shorts with his cardigan and bow tie all day! He's a real trend setter. Or his mom isn't quite on top of her game these days. One of those two. I vote for the former. (However the fact that I never got my teeth brushed before church makes me think it's probably the latter...) Oh and I guess this one is actually documented in pictures...

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