Thursday, April 23, 2015

The end and the beginning

Today was Joe's last day of medical school. I know. I know. Enough already. How could anyone forget?! I've only babbled on and on about THE END for months. Ironically I almost forgot that today was the day until my sister sent me a text last night asking about it! Eek. Oops. (Thank goodness for sisters.)

{I would include the picture of my handsome husband at his school from earlier today HERE but I promised not to blog I put it on Facebook instead! I was just too proud not to share it with the world! I mean the last day is totally share worthy, right? Right. 100+ of my "friends" agreed within hours of said post.}

The reason I nearly forgot that TODAY is the last day is because for me it was just an ordinary Thursday with the kids. We had a play date this morning with friends and dinner this evening with the grandparents. Life as usual. Plus Joe is in Chicago for his last rotation. So it's not like I actually saw him on his last day. 

And I won't be seeing him for a little while longer yet...because he is on his way to TEXAS to (hopefully!) find us a house!!!! 

Yep. He's house hunting without me. Am I incredibly jealous that he's going to Texas to look at houses? No. Not all. I love doing bedtime with four kids (and morning time and day time) by myself. And who needs to see their future home in person anyways?! I love a good surprise;)  OK. Ok. All sarcasm aside. Yeah. I'm a little green with envy. Who wouldn't be? 80 & sunny (and kid free!). But truth be told, him going solo just made the most sense. Logistically and financially. And most of the time Joe and I are extremely responsible with our resources. Probably to a fault.

So I'm holding down the fort...and obsessively checking zillow, trulia and realtor for new house listings while Joe is on the hunt for the perfect house for our little clan. Or at least a good enough house. Because is there really such a thing as the perfect house?! My extensive research tells me "NO". Although I keep looking like the neurotic nut that I am. I am sure my husband is enjoying the gazillion real estate related texts I am sending him day and night. Husbands love those kinds of things;-) I mean who wouldn't love being bombarded with mixed messages like these...

"Have fun house hunting. Send me lots of pictures. Remember we NEED X, Y and Z for it to be the right house"

"Come home NOW! Seriously. Buy a house. ANY house. I don't care. We just need a roof over our heads. I'm not picky. Come home!!!!"

"I just found this house! (Listing link included) I love it. It's perfect!! Make sure the realtor shows it to you."

"Never mind. That house is terrible and it won't work for us. Don't go see it!" 

"So which houses are your favorites? I want to make a chart comparing and contrasting our favorite homes." 

The house hunting drama is getting real over here. And we haven't even stepped one foot inside a potential house yet! 

My poor, poor husband.
But looking on the bright side, he's done with school!  He survived medical school. Now he just has to survive buying a house with me. 


  1. I just stumbled across your blog and I am really glad that I did! It sounds awesome to be at the end of medical school. My husband just took his MCAT so we are at the very beginning. It's great to read blogs like yours to see people on the other side!

    1. I am glad you found my blog too. I know exactly what you mean! During my husband's second year of medical school I found a blog of a fourth year medical student's wife...and I read through (the entire!) blog in a matter of days:) It was like my life line. It oddly gave me hope that we could make it through too! And look we did!