Tuesday, January 19, 2016

My best mothering wisdom.

The other night Joe and I went to a Diaper Bash Baby Shower for one of his co-residents who is expecting her first baby next month. There were actually two moms-to-be at the party plus another resident who wants to start "trying for a baby" soon. And I was one of only two moms there. All that to say I got asked several times for advice. To pass along my mothering wisdom. And all I could do was laugh and picture myself as I try every morning to get everyone dressed and ready and out the door without completely losing my cool and/or on time. Because this task of getting us ready each morning is HARD. Nearly impossible some days and quite frankly it's enough for me to feel like I am the least equipped mother to be doling out advice. Certainly not wisdom! Instead I feel like I am the one that needs to be receiving the advice. 

But then late last night (when I should have been sleeping in preparation for the morning craziness!) it came to me. My wisdom for the moms-to-be. 

Having a baby will feel like the BEST thing ever and you will LOVE it. Having a baby will also feel like the WORST thing ever and sometimes you'll wonder why you decided to become a mom. It's ok to feel both of those things. It's normal. Because being a mom is hard. But worth it. 

So worth it. Just don't ask me how I feel about motherhood at 7:05 AM as I'm trying to get everyone out the door! Probably shouldn't ask at 7:05 PM either as I'm getting everyone ready for bed. But the in-between times are fair game:) Because these kids light up my world. 

And they keep me quite entertained too...

Hannah: How do you spell your name?
Me: B-E-A-R. Bear. 
Hannah: No! Your regular name. 
Me: Oh. Mom? M-O-M. 
Hannah: Yeah. Mom. 

Charlotte: Look a pine tree!
Me: That is not a pine tree.
Charlotte: Are you sure?
Me: Yep I'm sure. I grew up surrounded by pine trees and that definitely isn't one. 

Try PALM tree my dear:)

Me: If you ever have questions or want to talk about anything with me I'm here. Ya know like about babies...
Isaiah: You mean how babies are SO cute?
Me: Yes! Exactly. They are so cute. 

(Not AT ALL what I was hinting at. But I'll take it. He's sweet and innocent. And I want him to stay that way forever!) 

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