Sunday, January 17, 2016

Christmas Tree Bonfire

Friday night the kids, my parents and I went to the Annual Christmas Tree bonfire on the beach with Joe's co-residents. 

Joe was working. Poor guy. Because as described by our eight year old it was "AWESOME! And totally worth it!"  

And by "it" he means getting lost and wandering the beach aimlessly until we were rescued by a kind, kind resident and his wife. They then lead us to the correct location. Which ironically is almost exactly where we drove to first but did not stay because...well mostly because the 5 year old was FREAKING OUT and I couldn't think straight. Because who can make smart choices when a child is screaming "GET ME OUT OF HERE! I AM GOING TO DIE! LET ME OUT"? Not I. As illustrated by the aimless beach wandering at sunset with four hungry children. 

I know I gripe A LOT about residency. And there are quite a few things I don't like about it. But that's not the entire story. Truth be told it's good too. We have the awesome opportunity to live here in a whole new part of the country and experience a lifestyle and culture we never would otherwise. My kids are getting a childhood I couldn't have ever imagined. Winter without snow?! It's wonderful! And more than that we are surrounded by kind, supportive, fun-loving residents, spouses and families. The majority of the other residents do not have kids. And yet they have welcomed us with open arms. They have allowed me and my gaggle of kids to add a whole lot of noise and chaos to their parties. They have allowed us to invade their homes without a single complaint. I know it's not easy having a bunch of kids around. Trust me. I KNOW. And they have done it with such love and kindness. And for that I am incredibly thankful. 

Plus these people know how to have a good time....

{pajama & white elephant party}

{diaper bash baby shower}

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