Sunday, April 16, 2017


Lest anyone think I've got this life thing figured out I'm here to set the record straight. My lack of posting doesn't mean I've finally got my act together. Quite the opposite actually! On Wednesday I was having my very own pity party (for no apparent reason other than the fact that Joe is on MICU and that makes life plain ICky...terrible pun intended). So Thursday I woke up with a fresh sense of ambition. Thursday was going to be my day. I was going to be productive and happy. 

My goals for the day were simple and completely reasonable:

1. Drop Isaiah at the bus ON TIME and with a packed lunch. 
2. Finish folding the laundry. (I had half a load left and I would be all caught up!!!)
3. Make two returns at stores before zumba. 

That's it. That's ALL I wanted to accomplish in my entire day. Well that and keep the tiny humans alive. But that's kinda a given, right?

If you count chasing the bus down to the bus stop as "on time" then I totally accomplished HALF of my first goal. Thank goodness for school lunch because that lunch did NOT get packed...yet again. Sorry kid. After our mad dash to the bus stop I sat down to fold that laundry. I was SO close to finishing when Charlotte announced she spilt her milk....INSIDE the fridge!!! On the top shelf and it had dripped down onto ALL the shelves and inside each drawer. Nothing was safe from that milk spill. As I was emptying and scrubbing my fridge Levi walked into the kitchen and announced that he had gone "pee pee in his undies". Which meant I had to stop that clean up job to clean him and throw in a load of potty laundry. Just as I was nearly finished scrubbing the fridge Levi announced from the living room that he had pooped in his undies! And like the novice mom I still am I "checked" BEFORE moving him into the bathroom. Bad move. Very bad move. The mess was no longer contained between the living room and the bathroom. (I will leave it at that.) And so I threw in yet another load of laundry and bathed Levi and bleached most surfaces of my house. All of this happened before I was even able to get myself dressed or eat my oatmeal! We did eventually make it out the door only to have my van overheat in the Wal-Mart parking lot. 

And THAT is my life in a nutshell. 


  1. Oh my goodness Bear!!! That is my life in a nutshell tooooo!!!! Man, I miss you, dear friend. That was the best post ever.😘

    1. All day. Every day. Solidarity friend. I'm right there with you!