Wednesday, March 29, 2017

A Little Project

I'm sure I've mentioned it a million times but it's worth mentioning one more time: I despise our master bathroom!!! It's not the outdated and very vintage lime green counter that I adamantly dislike. It's not the matching-yet-clashing green floral wallpaper that bother me so much. The ugly hanging ball lights and weird vanity/make up area...I can handle those! It's the tub. I hate that tub! More like that tub hates me. I swear it's mocking me. It's old and dirty. As in you can't scrub hard enough to get it clean. It's peeling. And the tiles are bowed and moldy. It is all kinds of YUCK. And the worst part is (even if I could get past the dirty factor) I can't bathe in it. The back of the tub and the wall line up perfectly and there is absolutely no angle. Meaning laying in the tub is nearly impossible and incredibly uncomfortable! And I LOVE taking baths. Long leisurely baths. They are my favorite. If I could list it as a hobby I totally would (along with sleeping). And my plan for surviving residency (as the spouse) was long baths with good books. But that hasn't happened. Not once. And I'm tired of waiting for a new bathroom. So today after putting Levi down for his nap I told my girls to meet me in my room for a "special project" and we took matters to our own hands...

Yup. We started tearing it out. I don't really know what I'm doing. But I've been watching a few YouTube videos and I'm willing to try. And I've got plenty of time. And great helpers:) We ended day 1 of with half of the main wall of tiles being torn down - which unearthed A LOT of mold (no surprise there!) and ants (big surprise!). 


  1. Where's the update on this bathroom lady??!!

    1. Ha! I got it completely gutted. Then my van broke down so bathroom progress has stopped! Such is life:)