Sunday, October 30, 2016

Halloween 2016: Star Wars

So I started out the month like this:

I mean I just wasn't feeling it. I blame the hot Texas weather. Again. Like always:) And honestly that is about how much effort I put towards decorating for Halloween. I bought a couple decorative squash at the grocery store and put them up on the mantle. Oh and my thoughtful mother-in-law sent the kids a fun Halloween package so thanks to her we have some bloody hands on the front door and mini ghosts and a spider web adorning the front of our house. And that's where my decorations end. We never even got pumpkins to carve this year. (And the kids haven't asked so we are letting it slide.) I did take the homeschool crew to the "pumpkin patch" for a story time. But it was so ridiculously hot we couldn't even enjoy ourselves.

Don't be fooled by these adorable pictures. It was HOT and miserable. And we all left hangry. Yesterday a friend threw a pumpkin patch themed birthday party for her son. So I quick snapped this picture of ALL my children in her backyard and called it good for this year. Seriously so little effort.

Done and done. oldest son had a vision for our family for Halloween and it looked a little something like this....................

{{ R2D2 - Anakin - Rey - Princess Leia - Yoda - Chewbacca}}

Considering I have NEVER seen a single Star Wars movie and I had very little motivation, I'm mighty proud of how well I made Isaiah's vision come to life! So how did we get here? First, Joe went to Las Vegas for (nearly) a week which meant I had extra time on my hands because I can NOT sleep while he is gone. So I sewed. And hot glued. And created. But before I could create a costume I had to google both the character and then costumes of that character because I honestly had no idea what I was doing. Oh and I tried to do it all on a very, very tight budget. So here's how it all came together...

Yoda & Chewbacca

I am ridiculously proud of these two costumes. The Yoda hood and feet I created without a pattern or tutorial. I just looked at a few pictures and went for it using green fleece I already owned! Oh and the hood even has forehead wrinkles on it. Too bad they don't show up in pictures. Speaking of pictures, this is the ONLY time Levi wore his costume. And I assume he won't put it on tomorrow either. He is just not having it. Even bribing with candy didn't work. I'm not sure how/why he let Joe slip his costume on for these few pictures before we left for the residency Halloween party but he did. And he was adorable! Even if his green was a little too bright (according to Star Wars expert Isaiah).

The kids really wanted their dad to be Chewy. But I was resistant because...well...its still ridiculously HOT down here. I love my husband too much to put him in a fur suit when it is ninety degrees outside. Then it dawned on me that a little bit of fur + a bandolier would be enough for everyone to recognize Chewbacca. And it worked, right?  $5 worth of fake fur from the fabric store sewn into fur cuffs for his arms and legs plus fake leather sewn in strips and Jenga blocks covered in tinfoil and he was transformed into Chewy:)

Princess Leia

I totally lucked out with Hannah's costume. I was looking at our church's rummage for a woman's white shirt (to alter) when I found an ACTUAL Leia gown in her size for 50 cents! It was meant to be:) The gun is one of Isaiah's Nerf guns that we spray painted and the belt is one we already owned. Super easy. Super CUTE. Creating those buns was slightly more difficult considering how short and thin her hair is. But one pair of brown socks and a whole lot of hair spray later and she had the correct do.


Isaiah LOVES dressing up so he already owned the black robe. He and grandma had created it together last winter. Meaning most of my work was done. With some scraps of fabrics in my sewing room I created the belt and leather strap thing that wrapped around his neck. The boots are mine. His feet are almost big enough for them to fit. To keep them snug he just wore two extra pairs of socks. And to complete the look he borrowed a friend's blue light saber. Totally free and totally awesome!


Ok. Now this costume was really the easiest...because our friends' already owned it AND they weren't using it for Halloween this year! But of course Isaiah insisted we create the stick weapon thing. (See I don't know Star Wars at all. I'm sure it has a name. I just don't know it.) We created it by spray painting an old broom handle and attaching strips of fake leather with hot glue and duck tape. Oh and the hairstyle was created under Isaiah's direct supervision and detailed instruction. And hair spray:)


Without the headband/hat thing I created (using a stacking toy, tinfoil and permanent markers) my costume was a bit of a stretch. It took some imagination to really see my character. But I think the cut up tank top over the dress worked well enough. Oh and YES I colored my hair blue. So what should have been a free costume cost $9. But its fun and not something I would normally do. But I like it.

But more importantly how amazing does that 12 person Star Wars crew look all together?!? We didn't plan for our families to both be Star Wars this year, but I'm glad we are! Trick or treating tomorrow night with them is going to be fun, fun fun. (Side note: I'm so thankful this family matched here for residency.)

P.S. For anyone keeping track that was a total of $14.50 for our costumes this year. Most everything was created with supplies we already owned or borrowed from friends. Not bad if I do say so myself. 

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