Thursday, November 3, 2016

This is Us.

Tuesdays have become "This is Us" watching girls' night this fall (thanks to a desperate plea I posted on our residency FB page asking for someone to allow me to sit on their couch and watch the show because I don't have TV channels). So this past Tuesday as soon as Joe walked in the door I grabbed his car keys and I walked out so I (A) wouldn't miss the show with my residency girls and (B) could drop Isaiah off at Cub Scouts on the way. My last remarks to Joe were "We had leftover Sloppy Joes for dinner. There is a little bit left for you on the table" and I was out the door! I quick dropped Isaiah off, coordinated with one of Joe's co-residents for him to bring Isaiah home after Scouts, and called Joe to inform him of the change of plans (i.e. Isaiah didn't need to be picked up). It was during this phone call that Joe asked me to clarify what I had served for dinner. Sloppy Joes. Well technically left-over Sloppy Joes. Joe then asked me if the kids liked their dinner. A little offended I informed him that they ALL had eaten well and seemed to like it. Joe then informed me with a chuckle that I had served leftover enchilada meat as Sloppy Joes. And apparently the kids and I did NOT notice. Ha! Looks like they are finally grasping the you-eat-what-you-are-served-without-complaint concept! Either that or I created an amazing new dinner: Sloppy Jos├ęs. 

(I can't take credit for that very creative name of our accidental dinner. That was one of the interns. She's much wittier than me.) 

Looks like we didn't stick to our menu. Crazy meal day came a little early this week;-)

Ok. Back to girls' night. Our lovely hostess kept apologizing for her house being a mess. And I honestly could NOT understand why she was apologizing. There were a few dishes in the sink and a bag of groceries on the counter. Otherwise everything was neat and tidy. Seriously it was pristine. In fact I'm always a little envious of her cutely decorated and clean home. My house was such a mess at that moment that I couldn't even turn on my living light and fan because earlier that morning Levi had wandered off with the remote control and it hadn't been seen since then. So the next morning when I woke up to this mess I just knew I had to snapchat her...

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