Sunday, October 23, 2016

I don't want to be a girl.

While Joe was gone in Vegas, Hannah came out of her bed at night crying two different times saying she couldn't fall asleep because she "doesn't want to be a girl". The first time I was REALLY confused (and slightly impressed by her bizarre stall tactic). When I asked her why she responded with "because I don't want a poke in my back OR my arm". Which only confused me further and caused her to cry harder. As I hugged her and comforted her it dawned on me...she was referring to the two most common pain medication options during childbirth: an epidural and IV pain medication. 

Yup. She's afraid of the treatment options during childbirth. Not childbirth itself. Because what 4 year old girl isn't contemplating the birth of her future child instead of going to sleep?!? I'm thinking that maybe we need to ease up on the dinner time medical talk around here. Either that or explain the alternative...unmedicated childbirth!  

Its tough being a girl! But she sure is an adorable girl!!!!

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