Friday, July 29, 2016

House Tour: Playroom

Our home does not technically have a "bonus room". But as soon as I saw it I knew the dining room would make an excellent playroom. And while my husband would probably prefer it as an actual dining room he knows the kids and I are there far more than him and we need it to function for us. So it's our playroom. 

It's right off the living room and kitchen. Very accessible for the kids but not actually visible from the front door. Meaning the mess is out of sight! 

The backyard is right off the kitchen/playroom so it feels like part of our play space...

And I'm pretty sure it goes without saying but it is rarely this clean and picked up. I snapped these pictures just moments before we got on the road for Minnesota. And the only reason it was this clean was because I know my husband would throw away any toys we left out! 

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