Monday, July 11, 2016


Somehow the summer Charlotte was born my mom convinced me to volunteer  as a camp "nurse" as a brand new PA graduate. So there I was with my 4 week old daughter, 3 year old son and my shiny new degree ready to serve! That first day of camp was completely overwhelming and I asked myself at least a hundred times "What in the world am I doing here? I can't help anyone!" I felt like a fish out of water. And I doubted my ability to take care of my own two children + campers. But somehow it worked. And I loved it! My kids loved it too. Well at least Isaiah did. Charlotte started sleeping through the night at camp so I took it to mean she approved:) Six years later and my kids haven't missed a summer! (I unfortunately missed last summer due to moving to Texas.) And this year is a pretty big deal because it's Charlotte's first year as a camper! In a cabin without me!!! Thankfully she has two big cousins with her because she was nervous (and excited!). This is Isaiah's fourth summer as a camper. He's an old pro now. 

I am so happy to be back as a nurse this year. And I have Hannah and Levi with as "helpers". My mom is also a camp nurse this week and my dad is one of the Fishing Grandpas. They have my niece and nephew as their "helpers". It's a family affair. 

Admittedly driving up to camp yesterday I started to wonder once again if I was crazy and if I would be able to actually help while managing my young children. But after just a couple hours at camp I am confident once again that I can do this. I can help even with a few "helpers" tagging along. And I really love being here and doing this. There's no place I would rather be then right here right now. 

***Since this post didn't upload at the beginning of the week I've added pictures from the week at camp. Which was a huge success!***

Levi decided that this week at camp was a good time to start talking. Or at least adding a few words to his vocabulary. Like "oon" for spoon. And "wah bot" for water bottle. And "whe-a-oo" for where are you? Oh and the ever popular "no no". 

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