Sunday, July 24, 2016

Fun & Plans

Today did not go as planned.

Today was our last day with our best friends. So the plan was to go to church together in the morning. Then we would have a nice relaxing lunch together in their home. (Or as relaxed as one can dine with 8 children in one house!) We were going to finish our week together with a birthday cake & celebration for everyone. Because when you only see your best friends once a year you celebrate ALL the birthdays at once! Then my kids and I were going to drive the 2.5 hours back to my parents house for a quiet evening of dinner, baths and a much needed early bedtime. I hoped to stop and visit a few friends on the drive back as well. 

Some of those things happened. A lot did not. 

We all made it to church. A few minutes late. But we were there. (See picture above) After church we arrived back at their house to discover that we had 45 minutes until prospective buyers were arriving to tour their home. The house at that moment was a DISASTER. And full of kids. And all our stuff. This is where things derailed from the plan. 

AFTER we furiously and speedily cleaned and evacuated the house that last meal together turned into a picnic in the park. Casseroles and green beans may not be ideal picnic food but we made it work. The cake and party supplies even made it to the park with us. 

(The cake was frosted and decorated at the park. Not bad, eh?)

From there the kids and I did make the 2.5 drive back. But there were no visits with friends along the way. And the evening was not quiet and early. Instead we drove like crazy to get back in time to meet my brother and his family at the playground/splash pad for a late evening adventure. 

13 kids at the park at sunset (only four in this picture). It was not what I had planned for our evening. But it was fun. Maybe even better than the original plan? My kids would definitely say yes. And I have to agree despite having a pounding headache. 

We eventually made it back to my parents house where the kids collapsed into, sweaty and tired. I also collapsed into bed. Tired too. Actually exhausted. After nearly 4 weeks on the road I'm tired. Happy. But very, very tired. Tired and a little bit whiney. Thankfully I have an understanding husband - he let me whine to him as he was driving to work. And whining helped. I'm feeling ready to face another day. Because plan or no plan there is fun to be had...and my children and I are going to find it! 

(And I really hope my kids think back on this trip fondly and remember all the FUN they had because it's been a lot of work for me!) 


  1. I love this post, and even more so I love these kids! It may not have been "THE PLAN" for the day, and quite stressful at times, but we made the best of it and I think we all had fun! But we miss you guys so much already. It was an awesome week!

    1. Best week ever. I'm ready to move wherever you move and be your right now! Thank you for opening your home to us. We love you guys.