Sunday, February 14, 2016


*small blog break to discuss love*

Happy "Loving" Day!

Last year I wrote my definition of love based upon our (then) current situation. I'd say this year my definition is almost exactly the same. It's just our situation that's changed. 

The following is love. To me. In this moment...

It's my husband coming home bone tired and needing sleep after a grueling 15 hour shift, during which too many patients with traumatic injuries couldn't be saved and sitting down and listening to me. Really listening to me. Listening to me complain about our sick children and my concerns. And then despite being completely exhausted - physically and emotionally - grabbing the otoscope and checking ears, dosing Tylenol and rocking kids back to sleep without being asked. 

Sure flowers and candies and jewelry would have been nice. Oh and I would have loved a date with my husband. But that just wasn't going to happen considering he needed to sleep today to be ready for his night shift tonight. (Someday!) Regardless I felt loved today. My husband saw me. He saw my needs. And stepped in and helped me with three feverish, needy children. It wasn't grand. Or extravagant. But it was unexpected (given the day he had). And completely selfless. 

That's love. And I'll take that any day over flowers and candy and jewelry. 

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