Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Father-Daugher Ball

Charlotte's school has a Father-Daughter Ball in the cafeteria each year. I really wanted Charlotte to be able to go with her daddy but with him being on trauma (aka the worst rotation in his residency) I didn't know if it was going to be possible. So we just didn't tell her about it. Thankfully her reading is still very those signs advertising it at her school didn't give away our secret.

Then on the night of the "ball" Joe got home in time...thank you good citizens of our city for staying safe and allowing my husband to come home early...because this girl was OVER THE MOON EXCITED to dance with her daddy! My heart nearly melted taking these pre-dance pictures.

I obviously didn't attend the ball but I would bet they were the cutest and happiest pair there!

When Charlotte was looking at the last picture (after the dance) she told me that it made her sad. I was confused because she was clearly ecstatic when the picture was taken. She explained that she is sad because when she grows up and gets married she won't be part of our family anymore. I tried my best to explain that she will still be part of our family and she gets a new family. Win-win! I almost had her convinced. Then Isaiah told her she has to give up our last name when she gets married. Thanks big brother. So helpful.

P.S.  Happy 33rd Birthday husband! Sorry I went out of town for Valentine's Day and your birthday. Oops. I'll do better next year:) But the good news is you survived trauma. And I survived that beard! Can't wait to see your clean shaven face again. 

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