Friday, August 7, 2015

Par-tea for THREE!

Today we celebrated this girl turning THREE. We had a proper tea party with fascinators and little sandwhiches and of course lots of little girls in fancy dresses drinking out of real tea cups. 

Truth be told it was hardly proper. There were toys strewn about everywhere. Smashed grapes and spilled lemonade covering the floor. Only half the guests participated in the planned activities - fascinator decorating and pin the tea cup on the saucer. Oh and the crying babies and diaper changes really added to the ambiance. And I didn't even serve tea! (Unless you count sweet tea.) But all of that didn't matter. Hannah was absolutely delighted to be celebrated and surrounded by friends. This was her first party with friends and she clearly loved it! 

The fact that she even has friends to invite to her party a mere 8 weeks after moving cross country feels nothing short of a miracle. Which has me thinking. We are some of the lucky ones. 

See. The thing is every year thanks (no thanks?) to The Match thousands of medical-students-soon-to-be-doctors are placed (more like displaced!) in order to start their residency training. Ourselves included this year. Some of these placements are local. Most are not. While moving cross country as a family of six is not ideal we are some of the lucky ones. We moved from the freezing tundra known as Minnesota to semi-tropical Texas. Lucky indeed. (Admittedly I feel rather unlucky on the mornings I am woken to Hannah dangling dead cockroaches in my face. Two inches from my face to be exact. I wish I were making this up. I'm not.) But more importantly we've been placed in an incredibly family friendly and supportive residency. Instant friends! What could be better? And friends that get it. Not much beats that. 

Oh and as a bonus not one of the party guests mentioned the unpacked boxes tucked "away" next to the couches. Even when 8 weeks is clearly long enough to get everything unpacked and settled and yet we aren't. Good people. 

And in a few short hours I'm busting out of here to meet up with the ladies of our residency program. The wives and residents. Girls night? Yes please. Sorry birthday girl. I REALLY love you. I promise I do. But I need some adult interaction too. 

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