Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Around here.

We are gearing up for Hannah's 3rd birthday. We are throwing her a "par-tea". Get it? It's a tea party. And by "gearing up" I mostly mean pulling out any and all girly party decorations I have in my party supply box + purchasing tea cups from Goodwill + ordering a cake from the grocery store. So yeah pretty elaborate preparations. Regardless the kids are excited. And every day Isaiah announces how many days until the party. (Nine. For the curious.) Tonight he decided he better pick out his party outfit. And try it on. AND lay it in neat pile in his room. Just to be ready. That kid! I sure do love him. 

Speaking of that kid. Last night Joe was working in the garage. I had a question for him but I was shoe-less so I slipped on the closest flip flops I could find. They were Isaiah's and much to my delight-quickly-turned-disbelief-turned-horror they FIT! Ack. When that kid get so big?!?

Today at the pool I was stuck in a lounge chair holding a sleeping Levi. (All around not a terrible place to be stuck!) Meanwhile the kids were 10 feet away from me feasting on all the snacks I had diligently packed. Charlotte sweetly saw me in my place of need and walked the box of crackers to me...and offered me the "crumbles". I guess it's the thought that counts?!?

My mom recently asked about house projects that we are completing. I was quick to tell her all about the entry wall Joe painted and the microwave he installed on his first day off in for-e-ver!    (Ok it was just ten days. But possibly 10 off the longest most emotional days for me. Not him. He's totally fine. Cool as a cucumber like always.)  She then asked what I had done. I laughed...and struggled to list anything other than keeping everyone alive. So um yeah...go me? Not. 

So I totally thought I was going to love, love, LOVE our residency town. And I don't. I just don't. I'm struggling to find my place here. I keep searching and striking out. Usually I love the library and story times. We have libraries and they are ok. Not great. The parks are also usually a favorite for me and my kids. But here they are pitiful. And old. And neglected. It's sad. And they don't have baby swings. Why no baby swings?!? I just don't get it! I thought maybe the YMCA would be "our thing". But then I called and they only have childcare in the evenings for potty trained children. Um. Ok. Not helpful. Joe keeps telling me that "my thing" might be bringing my kids to school. And sadly I am beginning to think he is right! 

That and Sonic. It has 99¢ corn dogs during "happy hour" and a (somewhat) decent playground...

So basically it's a magical place for us:) Corn dogs every day? Don't mind if we do. The half priced slush really helps way it down nicely. 

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