Sunday, July 12, 2015

this old new-to-us house

I plan to share some of the home renovations we've done since buying our house nearly a month ago. (Wow. That was a fast month!) But before I share all the pictures of the changes I want to explain that I truly do LOVE our new house and I'm thankful for it every single day. However our house is a bit older (built in 1977) and dated and in need of a little TLC (as it was a rental for the past few years). But despite some of its shortcomings there are many, many things I love (or at least like) about it. So without further ado my list of twenty reasons I love my new house. 

1. The space! Oh the glorious space. To run and play and just be. We have nearly twice the space we had in our med school rental house. Twice the space!!! It's amazing. 
2. The front door. It's solid wood and pretty. And unique. And I like it. 
3. Ceiling beams and...
4. Vaulted ceilings. In the living room and the master bedroom. They make the place feel fancy. 
5. A real wood burning fireplace and...
6. Built in book shelves. I've always wanted built-ins. And now I have them surrounding the fireplace. 
7. The arches. Arched windows and doorways and walls surrounding the bath tubs. 
8. Main floor laundry (which apparently is the norm in Texas but new & wonderful to me!) 
9. Built in desks in two of the bedrooms. Isaiah has one and the other is my sewing desk! 

10. HUGE closets. I thought I was going to miss having a basement. But I don't. The closets fit all our stuff and there is just no need for a basement. (See #1) Life above ground is nice. 
11. Master bathroom. Oh the luxury! 
12. Which means the kids have their own bathroom!!!

13. An attached garage large enough to park in. 
14. A large fenced in backyard with a playhouse. So when the kids are driving me they tend to do from time to time...I can send them out and monitor them from the kitchen window. 
15. Eat in kitchen. It's not grand. And it's not fancy. But it's practical. And makes my life so much easier. I love it!
16. Ice maker and cold water dispenser in the fridge. Because Texas is HOT. (Technically the house didn't come with this feature, but it was a good Craigslist find) 
17. Wood laminate and tile floors throughout most of the house. 
18. White walls and white trim. Lots and lots of white. It's like one big fresh blank slate. 
19. Ceiling fans in every room. Did I mention Texas is hot?!
20. It's within walking distance of my kids' school. Drop off and pick up is going to be so simple! 

Mostly I love the people I share this house with and I'm excited to make it our home. To build memories and watch my babies grow up here. 


  1. So happy for all of you! I lived in Dallas for 8 years growing up and some after college. I love TX-despite all the heat! I think you will grow to find the people warm and welcoming. Can't wait to see new pics of your home!

    1. Thank you! We are happy to be here and so far we like it:)