Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

This moment is brought to you compliments of intern year. Actually all 43,200 moments that I get to spend alone with my children today are compliments of intern year. Yep Joe's at the hospital. The children's hospital today. 

And actually I'm perfectly ok with that. I mean I would have preferred my first interaction with my children this morning wasn't ending a dispute regarding whether or not a piece of paper had brown spots drawn on it or not. But we persevered (i.e. voices were raised and papers were taken away followed by apologies - some more sincere than others). Eventually I enjoyed oatmeal around the table with all of my children. I was showered with all sorts of homemade gifts and cards from my children this morning. But the best gift I received was the three year old telling me my nose looked "funny & blue". My lotion. The lotion I quickly slapped on my face as I was loading all the children into the van for church. Those words saved me a bit of embarrassment at church! Although being described as a queen (with swirly eyes because I have SO many children!) on my Mother's Day card definitely comes in as a close second for best gift:) 

One would think having a husband work (most) holidays would be what I like least about residency but it's not. Holidays can be celebrated on any day. Or at least most holidays can. The Fourth of July is hard to re-create. But Mother's Day can easily be changed dates. Having a husband that works most days that my children are home from school. That's what I like the least about residency. FYI. (Though admittedly that might be a career-long problem given his specialty.) 

Overall the kids and I had a pretty good day. We tried to go to the museum. It was closed. So instead we wandered around town on foot enjoying the sunshine and warm breeze. We watched a husband and wife fish. We stumbled upon a "Mother's Day Festival" complete with live music and over priced vendor booths. The festival was entirely in Spanish and if we were playing a "one of these things does not belong" guessing game my children & I definitely would have been IT. But that didn't stop my girls from dancing their hearts out! On our walk back to the van we stopped and watched the cutest baby being photographed with her first birthday cake. She kept butt scooting away from the cake despite her mom's attempt to get her to eat the cake! Watching her I was brought back to Charlotte's baby days. Gah! She was the cutest butt scooter. Lastly we climbed in some trees before heading home for our gourmet meal of leftovers. 

And since Joe didn't want to be outdone by our children and their efforts to celebrate me he brought home a hospital cafeteria dinner for one...

I didn't eat it despite how appealing it was. Ha! Maybe one of my lucky kids will get it for lunch tomorrow. 

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