Friday, February 22, 2013


  • I am currently eating a BOX of Nilla Wafers for lunch. Washed down by my ever favorite Pepsi. This meal may have started with a large rice krispie bar…or two:) Oh and the baby is napping ON me while I enjoy this lunch.
  • My big kids are wearing the CLOTHES they slept in last night. And I took them out in public.
  • I fed my kids left-over McDonalds for lunch. Not surprising after the first two confessions, right?
  • After spending 30+ minutes rocking Hannah to sleep, I gently placed her in her crib and then abruptly woke her by dropping my phone on her…………..head! (I told my husband it was her belly…good thing he doesn’t read the blog:)
  • I told my husband he could pick out ANY pillow he wanted for his 30th birthday gift from me. Oh the excitement! Then he picked the wrong pillow so I gently suggested a “better” option. We now sleep with a matched pair of “better” pillows!
  • My Christmas ornaments are still out….waiting to be packed up! Yikes, how is it even possible that Christmas was {almost} 2 months ago?
  • I forgot to shave my legs before we went away to the Wisconsin Dells (indoor water park). Did I shave them once we were there??? I will leave that one unanswered. A girl can’t tell all her secrets:)

  • And now an unrelated picture of my adorable, newly sitting independently baby girl…


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