Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Sweetest Seven

Tomorrow morning this girl will wake up a SEVEN year old! 

And just like I've said every year...I'm not sure how that happened. Because seven years ago tonight I was nine days past my due date and HUGE and 100% convinced I would be pregnant forrrevvvverrrrrr:) 

And now she is seven. And I'm very much not pregnant;-) I loved looking back at these birthday celebration pictures but more than that I really enjoyed celebrating Charlotte today as a family. 

Because of Joe's trauma schedule we did not have a party but instead chose to have a family fun day! It started with donuts for breakfast followed by gift opening and an hour of jumping at an indoor trampoline place. Which Charlotte deemed "the best birthday ever - even without friends". Then we had pizza and ended our day at the beach with our residency family. 

P.S. After every last morsel of those birthday donuts were consumed Charlotte decided to inform that she doesn't like sprinkles on her donuts! Say what?!? That information would have been hugely useful years ago considering 3 of her 7 birthdays have included SPRINKLE donuts. 


  1. Hi, Bethany! I stumbled across your blog probably at least a year ago and have been following your sweet family since. My husband and I are in the first phase of the med school journey that y'all are so close to finishing(!!!), and I love to see that it is, in fact, possible to survive as a non-trad with kids. I know you are crazy busy with your littles, but I would love to be able to email you (totally at your convenience!) about some of the practicalities and any advice you may have?? Thanks so much! And happy happy belated birthday to Charlotte!!

    1. Ema you just made my day!!! I can so remember being at the beginning of med school thinking it was going to last forever! And here we are with only 1 year left:) This blog came into existence (partially) to help encourage others on this looong medical journey. I'm so glad you found me! And I would love to email with you. What is your email address?

    2. Thank you so much! :) my email is