Friday, April 22, 2016


Tonight while attempting to cook dinner for my family + one sleepover guest, I was getting a little exasperated. I was spending more time refereeing sibling AND friend squabbles and doling out snacks to the starving children and holding the clingy one year old than actually cooking. That's when I remembered a recent picture I'd seen of another blogger serenely wearing her needy two year old while making dinner. It was an AHA MOMENT for me. I grabbed the ergo and instructed the five year old to grab the one year old. Together we managed to strap him to my back. The three year old then generously shared a drink of her water with him from her cup. Open cup.  Meaning most of it was poured down my back and her brother's belly. Not deterred I told the eight year olds to FIGURE IT OUT or I would end the sleepover early. Very early! And then I carried on my merry (slightly soggy) way preparing dinner. Unfortunately I'd forgotten one minor detail...

My baby does NOT like baby-wearing!  I tried. We tried. Co-cooking just might not be our thing. 

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